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Rồng Thần AFK APK - Game chiến thuật thẻ tướng siêu hay dựa trên Dragon Ball

Rồng Thần AFK APK: A Strategy Game Based on Dragon Ball

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball, you might be interested in Rồng Thần AFK APK, a strategy game that lets you relive the epic adventures of Goku and his friends. In this game, you can recruit and train over 60 characters from the Dragon Ball universe, from the classic Saiyans to the new Super Fighters. You can also explore various modes and activities, such as story mode, arena, boss battles, dragon summoning, and more. In this article, we will give you an overview of Rồng Thần AFK APK, including its features, gameplay, tips and tricks, and how to download it on your Android device.


What is Rồng Thần AFK APK and what are its main features?

Rồng Thần AFK APK is a strategy game that is based on the popular manga and anime series Dragon Ball. The game follows the original storyline of Dragon Ball, from Goku's first encounter with Bulma to his final battle with Zamasu. You can collect and upgrade your favorite characters from the series, such as Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Beerus, Whis, Jiren, Broly, Gogeta, Vegito, and many more. You can also use their signature skills and transformations, such as Kamehameha, Final Flash, Super Saiyan, Fusion, God Mode, Ultra Instinct, etc.

rồng thần afk apk


Some of the main features of Rồng Thần AFK APK are:

  • Simple and addictive gameplay: The game is easy to play but hard to master. You just need to arrange your team formation before each battle and watch them fight automatically. You can also speed up the battles or skip them if you want.

  • Various modes and activities: The game offers a variety of modes and activities for you to enjoy. You can follow the story mode to relive the epic moments of Dragon Ball. You can challenge other players in the arena or join forces with them in guilds. You can fight against powerful bosses or summon the dragon for wishes. You can also participate in daily quests, events, missions, and more.

  • Stunning graphics and sound effects: The game features colorful 2D graphics that faithfully recreate the characters and scenes from Dragon Ball. The game also has smooth animations and spectacular effects that make the battles more exciting. The game also has original voice actors and soundtracks from the anime that enhance the immersion.

How to download and install Rồng Thần AFK APK on Android devices?

If you want to play Rồng Thần AFK APK on your Android device, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to [text](^1^) or [text](^9^) to download the latest version of Rồng Thần AFK APK.

  • Once the download is complete, locate the file in your device's storage and tap on it to install it.

If you see a warning message that says "Install blocked", go to your synergies, etc. You can also use the auto-formation feature to let the game suggest the best team for you. You can have up to six characters in your team, with one leader and five members. The leader will have a special effect that can benefit the whole team. You can also switch between different teams depending on the situation.

Some examples of good team formations are:

Team Name




Saiyan Team

Goku (Super Saiyan God)

Vegeta (Super Saiyan God), Gohan (Ultimate), Gotenks (Super Saiyan 3), Bardock, Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan)

Increases the attack and defense of all Saiyan characters by 30%

Frieza Force Team

Frieza (Golden)

Cooler (Final Form), King Cold, Ginyu, Zarbon, Dodoria

Increases the speed and critical rate of all Frieza Force characters by 30%

Gods of Destruction Team


Whis, Champa, Vados, Belmod, Marcarita

Increases the damage and resistance of all Gods of Destruction characters by 30%

Fusion Team

Vegito (Super Saiyan Blue)

Gogeta (Super Saiyan Blue), Kefla (Super Saiyan 2), Gotenks (Super Saiyan 3), Zamasu (Fused), Janemba

Increases the health and regeneration of all Fusion characters by 30%

Universe Survival Team


Goku (Ultra Instinct), Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue Evolution), Toppo (God of Destruction Mode), Hit, Kale (Berserker)

Increases the dodge and counter rate of all Universe Survival characters by 30%

How to use gift codes and get rewards in Rồng Thần AFK APK?

Rồng Thần AFK APK also offers gift codes that you can use to get free rewards, such as gold, gems, items, characters, etc. You can get gift codes from various sources, such as the official website, fan page, group, events, etc. You can also check out some websites that provide gift codes for Rồng Thần AFK APK, such as [text](^1^) or [text](^2^).

To use gift codes in Rồng Thần AFK APK, you need to follow these steps:

  • Complete the tutorial and select the main city.

  • Tap on the gift code icon on the top right corner of the screen.